Don’t copy my Wallaby…the battle of the wine makers

The producer of Yellow Tail wine has filed a federal law suit in New York against the maker of Little Roo wine for trademark infringement.  Yellow Tail (the nation’s best-selling imported wine) is alleging that Little Roo’s label, which features a kangaroo, is an attempt to profit off of the wallaby used on Yellow Tail’s labels.  It is Yellow Tail’s position that Little Roo is using the kangaroo in its marketing to confuse consumers into thinking that Little Roo wine is the same as, or affiliated with Yellow Tail.  Read the Wall Street Journal article here.  Yellow Tail filed a similar suit in 2009 against Bronco Wines (producers of “two buck chuck”) alleging trademark infringement when they applied for labels featuring wallabies.  Bronco Wines intended to offer a $3 bottle of wine called Down Under.

— Erik Anderson, Esq.

Reardon Anderson is a Tinton Falls, New Jersey based law firm which represents the interests of businesses, insurance companies and individuals throughout New Jersey and the metropolitan New York City area. Please visit our website at to learn more about our firm.


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