Defense Verdict for Doctor Who Amputated Man’s Penis

A Kentucky jury rendered a verdict in favor of a doctor who amputated a part of the penis of a man without first obtaining his consent.  Originally, the plaintiff was to undergo a circumcision.  However, during the procedure, plaintiff’s doctor claimed to have discovered cancer.  Due to the nature of the cancer found, the doctor felt he had no option but to perform the amputation immediately.  Plaintiff filed suit against the doctor.

As reported at the

SHELBYVILLE, Ky. — A jury has rejected a truck driver’s claim for $16 million in damages after a doctor amputated part of his penis without his knowledge.

The six-man, six-woman jury in Shelby County Circuit Court said that Phillip Seaton, 64, of Waddy, should get no money in the lawsuit.

The jury was given the case just before lunchtime Wednesday,and returned with its verdict about 1:45 p.m..

In final testimony during the third day of the civil trial, a Kentucky urologist said if Dr. John Patterson had taken the time to consult with Phillip and Deborah Seaton about his surprising discovery of lethal penile cancer, the cancer would have had more time to spread.

But a doctor who testified on behalf of the Seatons on Tuesday said the situation was not an emergency and removing a man’s penis is the “most psychologically debilitating” procedure.

Phillip Seaton testified on the first day that he wanted to flee the hospital after learning the news.


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